Our Story

Simple Tuition Solutions, LLC (STS) was created in early 2017 by a group of Internet entrepreneurs in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. With close ties to the REACH Alliance and the private school sector, we identified a need to provide a more streamlined and cost-effective Financial Aid Application, Need Assessment, & Tuition and Billing Management Software.

Using our cutting-edge proprietary Technology, our 75+ years of combined experience in the Consumer Engagement & Online Marketing Industry, as well as our extensive knowledge and understanding of the EITC/OSTC program in Pennsylvania, we were able to create a solution that hits the mark on providing our clients with exactly what they need to make financial aid decisions as well as provide the families with an easy, streamlined, and cheaper option to apply for need and pay their Tuition.

A few of our founders have attended and graduated from private schools, have children currently attending private schools, and have served and/or currently serve on multiple boards for private schools. This insight gives us an advantage in fully understanding how private schools currently operate, the common perspectives of parents, and the day to day experiences that the administrative teams tend to face.

As we continue to grow, the needs of the schools and families will always remain our #1 priority further assisting in the overall goal of ensuring all families are awarded the option of a private education.